Today was the exact conditions that prove there should be a winter break in kids football, however the powers that be disagree so we travelled to Stokenchurch on a cold, wet and windy morning.


The Chesham players set to the task from the moment they arrived warming up with big smiles on their faces, hats on their heads and warm wolly gloves on their hands!

Coach Dave's team;

RESPECT handsakes done before kickoff Dylan showed some wonderful finishing whilst Maxwell took advantage of the oppositions goalkeeper being off of his line following a clearance, recieving the ball a full 20yards out he took one look a fired a shot past the retreating keeper for a memorable goal which won him the 'Magic Moment' award from coach Dave.

Andrew was giving his all on debut getting stuck in all over the pitch whilst Felix, Callen and Jansen were doint thier best Steven Gerrard impressions with some wonderful tacking, passing and running with the ball.

Referee John Badman did a fantstic job showing the sportsmanship Chesham United Youth FC adhere to, calling the game back for a drop ball after a goal due to a Stokenchurch player being hurt in a challenge seconds earlier. All the players took it on the chin and just got on with it, welldone! 

Agreeing with coach Ben below it was clear to see the difference the Futsal session of the previous week had made to the players!

Coach Ben's team;

It was clear to see some of the players take their futsal skills from last week into this game. Controlling the ball with the sole of your foot is a key futsal skill. It allows players to get their head up. It also allows for a more accurate and powerful pass from a static ball.
Another key discipline I saw this week was one player staying at the back. Our last player often stepped up to halt on-rushing Stokenchurch attacker. In one instance our last player made a tackle and dribbled through their entire team and goal keeper only to unluckily hit the post. It's great to see the progress the players are making; every player said they had great fun today.

They are giving their attention to the coaches. We are asking players to be Ready to play, in games and at practice. We want our players to show Respect to the other Chesham players and the opposition. We also want our players to be Safe. Staying on your feet at indoor practice, and ensuring you have your shin pads, in doors and for games are key parts of this.


Coach Ben's 'Magic moment' award was won by Euan.


Coach Paul's team;

IMG 3729

Coach Paul took the buddy team in a home fixture against Downley Dynamos, in some very tight fixtures there was some fantasic performances all round!


Thank you to all of our parent's for your calm support today. Gentle encouragement and praising good play by both teams is always welcome and helps our players become good future decision makers.